This is one of the most frequently asked questions about onecoin. This simple fact must be understood about onecoin. And it is this: Onecoin is not an altcoin. Derivatives of bitcoin are call altcoin, reason why all these other cryptocurrencies are traded against bitcoin. When the value of bitcoin changes it also affect these alcoins. They fluctuate along bitcoin. And all these other cryptocurrencies are decentralized like bitcoin.

However, onecoin is centralized. And onecoin is unique in that status. If onecoin is centralized and not an altcoin then you should not expect it to be listed on the coinmarket. Onecoin is going to have its own exchange. It was formerly xoinx but if that is going to change we dont know. But it is certain that an exchange which is part of onecoin ecosystem is going to be launched at the right time. When that is done people we have the opportunity to exchange their ONES, onecoin, into other fiat currencies if they will ever need that. Most will not need to exchange their Onecoin becuase it is a real currency which can be exchanged for good and services on a global platform owned by onecoin called dealshaker. Why not check this out now at It is simply amazing!

So, the point here is that onecoin will NEVER be listed on coinmarket because it does not belong there. This also explained why many are mad about onecoin and so many negatives things are been said about it. These exchangers also make a lot of money from exchange. But they will not make a penny from onecoin since it will not be listed there.

This is really an amazing opportunity to be part of the most global cryptocurrency in the world.!