It has now become necessary to warn and educate my friends why they should use their heads and discernment when they do Google search. So many dreams have been destroyed and mega opportunities lost due to wrong use of Google search.

Are you aware some unscrupulous people make money from people’s ignorance? It is certainly undiluted foolishness to assume everything you read online is a fact. Or that bloggers are researchers who know better than you. That is very wrong.  Let me remove the wools from your eyes.

To make money bloggers need traffic. And these people use various methods to get this desired traffic to their blogs. One of these methods, that is working effectively is writing negative reviews about mega opportunities or important personalities. How do they identify their targets for attack?

They simply go to to know which particular websites, opportunities or personalities that are generating much traffic. Then, they write negative reviews about them and label them BIG SCAM! They are much aware that when people are told about these opportunities the first thing people do is to go to Google and search “Is so and so a scam?” So the catchy word here is the word “scam.” Once you click on the link and browse what they termed as scam, they make money. They sell advertising space. And those who foolishly take them as a final authority without doing their due diligence lose mega opportunity.

Let me give you an example: Many of us have read many books written by Robert Kiyosaki. Many of his books are best sellers. Do you think such a prolific writer should be described as a“Scam Artist”? Now, I have an assignment for you. Go to google and search for “Is Robert Kiyosaki a Scam?” Type your result as a comment on this post and tell me what you think about your findings.

Before the first set of onecoin tokens went into mining in January 2015 a particular blogger wrote it will not last for a year. Now, you know better. When bitcoin started mining in 2009 so many bloggers described it as a scam and ponzi. Again search for “bitcoin scam 2009” and see the result. But today you know better.  Sadly, many lost that great opportunity with bitcoin, forever.

Others bash a product to promote another product.  Like bitcoin promoters promising you a free bitcoin if you can spread negative review about onecoin to your friends. Due diligence is required my friend. Don’t allow hateful bloggers destroy your dream and future.

Feel free to contact me on how to become onecoin miner before the opportunity is lost forever!