When is Onecoin going public?

During Onelife Event  July 2018 in Cordoba, Argentina, Konstantin Ignatov announced that the company, Onecoin is about to transit from private entity into public. Thereafter, the coin will  be ready for mass adoption.

People are asking questions and some are actually confused as they do not know what is actually going on. To compound the problem the frontline enemy of onecoin, behindmlm is still misleading people through their hateful comments on onecoin. A ploy they also use to make money from advertising space.

Some people are even confused while some are actually scared that going public has been postponed to 2019 why some erroneously concluded that going public has been postponed indefinitely. All these assumptions and conclusions are not correct. For those who want to  listen to Konstatin Ignatov announcement can watch and listen to this video recorded during the Argentine Event. You can fast forward to 1:34:00  where Konstantin started to talk about strategy to go public:

Get this fact correct now: mass market is waiting for a new digital currency, onecoin, that can be mass adopted, used by masses who are mostly non-IT and unbanked people. Dr. Ruja Ignatova can be compared to Tyndale, who made the Bible available to non priestly class, who cannot read and understand Latin Language. He promised to make the Bible available even to the children of farmers who are unschooled. Same way Dr. Ruja Ignatova has made it possible for common people who are not IT gurus to mine a cryptocurrency. Hence, mass adoption by the world and especially by the unbanked is now a reality.

Looking back to 2013, there have been too many crypto startups, ICOs, fundraisers, some of them promoted through direct marketing, some of them through Multi Level Marketing. Most of these projects have failed totally. Why? Because they have no real userbase, no concrete and solid blueprint. They have no ecosystem to create a strong userbase, they cannot be used to purchase real products, they are volatile and unstable. All they do is to hurriedly list tokens on exchanges too early and kill stability completely. These other coins lack regulation and not completely comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering), which are mandatory for mass market adoption.

Sadly, despite so many proofs that  the common route that most crypto project undertook is a recipe for failure, many people are brainlessly and unreasonably criticizing Onecoin for trying to do something different and possibly actually succeed. Is that not crazy? Hence, mass market will never adopt some coin that has no userbase, no usability, no product. But look at onecoin that has usability. Coins which you can be used to purchase tangible products from www.dealshaker.com. Onecoin that is already accepted and mined by 3.5 million active users in more than 190 countries of the world! So with all these attributes Onecoin is now ready to begin the process of going public.

Onecoin going public was suppose to start in January 17th, 2018 but unfortunately  investigator breach and server theft put that to the stop. Many hoped that Onecoin will die off and shut down operations, just like others like, Bitconnect, that actually promised 120% profit from the lending interest. They shut down after a few of prohibitions and some hater problems. Onecoin survived 4 years of slander, criminal threats, authority investigations and the final German investigation that was eventually able to see the blockchain but didn’t see any unfair practice in the business model and any money laundering schemes.

We should understand that going public will be in stages not just establishing exchange where onecoin can be exchanged to fiat money. Going public begins with the coin offering that will start on September 2018 and end in January 2019. Therefore, coin offering will be conducted via selling OFC bundles, each comes with certain amount of OFCs

Round one will we start on September 08. This will be an informational stage where we will know all the details about the rest of the process. So please wait for this date for more info. Going public is not “push of a button” deal. Going public is not synonymous with establishment of exchange where you can “sell” coins for fiat currency. That stage will eventually come, very soon. There is much legal work to be done and negotiations with exchanges. After this stage, OFC Bundles are being offered with decreasing bonuses. In conclusion, going public has started with the coin offering. As soon as other critical stages are announced be assured that you will be adequately informed through this channel.