Written by Ayo Asojo (Ruby Leader, from Nigeria)

Now, I bring you the highlights of matters that you really care about. Where are we in Onecoin? What does the future holds? What is currently going on? And what should we be doing right now as members of Onelife community?

First of us I want to acknowledge the fact that not all of us here joined the mining of Onecoin with right information. Many if not majority thought it is our usual get-rich-scheme. Most never desire to wait so long. But am happy to say that nobody I personally brought to Onecoin is complaining now because I told them the truth from the beginning. I remember I told prospects during my weekly lecture never to take loan or use house rent, or children school fees to buy education packages. Because I knew it will be a long time project. I remember a student who wanted to use his school fees and I stopped him from doing so. He was surprised knowing I will be paid commission if he bought a package back then.

But how long more are we waiting now? Not so long! With what we are told in Uganda we are getting closer to our destination. There are so many exciting things that will happen from January 2019. Let me reveal them one after the other.

People misunderstood “going public.” We need to correct the impression that establishing an exchange for people to exchange their coins to fiat currency is equal to going public. Therefore, some are now saying we failed to go public on October 8. This is not correct. Going public is a process. And we boldly started the process by the initial coin offering to the public which is managed by third party. For the first time ever those who are not part of Onelife community can own Onecoin through the coin offering. That stage will be over early January 2019.

The ecosystem of Onecoin cannot all go live once as some desired. So, to protect the value of Onecoin it must be usable as a currency. We were told that the original concept of bitcoin was for it to be used as currency through peer-to-peer transfer without bank manipulation. But unfortunately, bitcoin is been manipulated and failed to accomplish its intended purpose. Whales and others now manipulating it massively. It has become a financially instrument for speculation, highly volatile. For Onecoin to be stable and usable it must be used for real transactions. Therefore, DEALSHAKER is the main focus of Onecoin right now. No more, no less. However, this Dealshaker is a game changer not only for Onecoin but for us as members. I will explain that next:

Our new Dealshaker is an interactive platform unlike the current one. You can interact with merchants as if you are using facebook. You can upload videos clips about products etc. Now the most interesting part: We can now have a franchise of Dealshaker, a process I have started to acquire, if possible in partnership with strong believers of this project. What are the advantages of a franchise? It means Dealshaker will be localized! We will have something like www.dealshaker.com.ng (For Nigeria), www.dealshaker.com.ug (For Uganda). Don’t click on them I just used them as examples. There will be a physical office that will be branded at Onecoin expense. All Nigerians deal, for example, will be localized. We will be the support to take care of problems, inquiries etc. It doesn’t mean you cannot shop on global platform of dealshaker too.

We do have people asking questions about how to cash out and restock goods sold through 100% onecoin. There are various options available:

  1. For those who accept 100% Onecoin the advice is that you can offer certain percentage of your goods and services for 100% Onecoin. For example: Let say you have 100 bulbs in your shop you can offer like 20 of them for 100% Onecoin while you sell the other 80 normally to keep going. However, when exchange platform opens very early next year merchants will have priorities on the exchange to get coins exchange to fiat money. Wooow!!!!

Also, those offering certain percentage in One and fiat currency can get paid through PayPal. For example if you sell a product 80% coin and 20% euros the buyer will pay the 20% through PayPal and you get paid immediately. Other means of payment may be added. Is that not amazing?


Any benefits from bringing merchants?

Yes. You will be compensated with coins for transactions that are carried out on the platform of merchants brought by you. More rewards are been considered.

EXCHANGE PLATOFRM: For those agitating for exchange platform, yes, it is on the way. But as mentioned, priorities on the exchange will be for the merchants. I hope that is understood. It doesn’t mean members will not use it but merchants first. And this will benefit all of us. Imagine merchants who sold cars and are able to exchange. More cars will be available which you can also buy with your coins and resell for cash. Making sense to you? To me it does!!

Whatever the company is doing in respect of going public is for the good of all. I prefer to own 200 valuable coins than 20,000 useless coins. Konstantin told us that Onecoin can be likened to a living organism and every living organism has an indispensable characteristic of growth. In other words, the establishment called onecoin is growing steadily.

The major vision of the company on usability can never be undermined or compromised. Dealshaker website when fully completed will make transactions as easy as sending and receiving text messages from friends according to the Dealshaker project manager, Mr Duncan.

Furthermore, he said that great care is needed before merchants can be approved in the platform because of some dubious merchants who would want to bring in fake products, illegal products and substandard products with the aim of discrediting the organization.

We asked question, especially the one frequently asked on various groups.

Delay in approval of our KYC

Duncan said, that the process of KYC in Blockchain is painstaking and you all agreed that Onecoin is the first cryptocurrency to have KYC in its Blockchain. The company is spending a lot of money to ensure that everything is done to world class specifications without an iota of compromise. So, with correct entry of your documents, your KYC will be approved.

What should be our focus now in Onecoin?

  1. Bring merchants, more merchants and more merchants!!!
  2. Grow the Onelife community. Don’t remain passive. We need to continue to sell our education packages. We can still change a lot of lives positively.