Onecoin adopted a very simple model. You don’t need to safely keep a private key and you don’t need a complicated encrypted address that is required to send or receive cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Onecoin is designed to be used among all especially those who are not IT experts. All you need is an account with username and password. You easily send and receive Onecoin as easy as when you are using the Paypal. African countries will especially love this ease of use. Onecoin should pay more attention to African countries especially Nigeria. It will boom!!!

Are you also aware Onecoin can now handle more transactions in a month than Visa and Mastercard could handle in a whole year? Transactions that can be completed in a minute in Onecoin will take Bitcoin 10 minutes or more to be completed. As a matter of fact it has been reported that bitcoin took few hours to a couple of days before the transactions could be completed—Not good for merchants for day to day buy and sell activities. Do you also know that the transactions fees with bitcon are often very high? Same problems will try to avoid with fiat currency. Bitcoin does not have the capacity to replace fiat currency. But Onecoin does.

Onecoin implemented KYC within its Blockchain. That makes Onecoin transparent and trustworthy. The governments in every country will love it. Why? Because Onecoin cannot be used for illegal purposes like financing of drugs, illegal acquisition of weapons, and high profile kidnapping. Onecoin can be tracked and traced to both sender and receiver. Authorities will love Onecoin. It will be easy for them to use it in place of fiat currency. It also makes it easy for government to receive taxes. All these advantages are not present with bitcoin.

The main purpose of centralized model and control of all currencies is to protect good people from bad. There should be a centralized body that should be responsible for your coins and transactions so that you are protected against hacking or cheating. I was a beneficiary of this few weeks ago. I lost one of my accounts to a clever guy outside there but now regained full access with all my coins intact. What a blessing to have a cryptocurrency like Onecoin! User’s security is one of the main concerns of Bitcoin developers, because when someone steals it from you, Bitcoin does not help you. But Onecoin will always stand with you.  No one will touch your Onecoin or freeze your account unless you break the rules. I have never seen a big organization or business entity like Onecoin without Terms of Services.

Onecoin is a stable cryptocurrency and not an instrument for speculation. No speculators, no fraud, because the company controls liquidity. The phenomenal growth of the dealshaker will stabilize onecoin. Merchants will be able to accept Onecoin without fear of depreciating value within days.—A major headache for merchants who accept bitcoin for payment currently.

Those who fail to mine Onecoin cryptocurrency will be very bitter against themselves. It will be a lost opportunity that can never be reversed. This is a revolution and we don’t have any option than to go along with this revolution so that we are not crushed by it. Onecoin has given the world an equal opportunity. It does not respect the color of your skin or your status in life. Both rich and poor can partake of it. As a matter of fact, a great transfer of wealth is currently going on. And you should not be left behind.

Stop listening to people without the blueprint of Onecoin. When you go through uncharted path you must follow the guy who has the map otherwise you get lost. Haters outside there are going weaker and weaker daily because the success of Onecoin is very easy for people to see globally. Haters don’t care about you. They won’t give you money to care for your family. That is your own responsibilities. Take charge of your life and mine Onecoin today! Those who are miners should help new ones get as much as they can now.

It will be a disservice to the world if we now sit idle because we were fortunate to get a lot of Onecoin as early miners. We should not sit idly but aggressively promote dealshaker. That is very important for the stability of what we already acquired. We should go back to work now!

Finally, Africa countries should be given the focus they deserve. I have never seen a foreign company that is so successful in Africa without a visible presence in Nigeria considering the population, the economy and the conducive environment.

(Written by Ayo Asojo, A Ruby Leader from Nigeria)