My Journey into making good income from cryptocurrency began in June 2015. A two minutes chat with a friend from Norway has totally changed my life for good forever. I am not new to online business. I have been around here for more than 20 years and have made millions doing legitimate business  online, even from dreaded forex where few dare to venture. But I felt like a child for the fact I never heard of cryptocurrencies before despite the fact that there are over 1,500 of them in the world.

I learnt a great lesson here. Never think you know it all. Be open to new ideas. Instead of attacking new ideas, listen, learn, investigate and make informed decision. That is exactly what I did and today I have made over one hundred and twenty thousands euros. I know so many people here are searching for free business. Free opportunities. But we must face the realities: You cannot make good money from those “invest-nothing- and- make -millions” ventures. They are not real.

What is a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. The first to be created was bitcoin in 2008. And the mining started in 2009. Unfortunately, most people described bitcoin then as a scam. It was rejected and ignored. But the whole world was jolted in 2013 when bitcoin which was 10 cents in value went to over $1,200 each! A Norwegian man who bought a bitcoin worth $27 sold it for over $850,000! So many millionaires were made. But because of challenges, other cryptocurrencies are taking the shine away from bitcoins for obvious reasons. And now bitcoins is matured and mining it has become extremely difficult. Lost hope?

Not at all! We have other cryptocurrencies where you can make great profit much more than what was made or been made from bitcoins. Now I reveal the secret: Join mining of cryptocurrencies that are in their EARLY mining. You get those coins extremely cheap now and as they appreciate in value then you sell in the future. Warning: Mining of cryptocurrencies is a long time ventures. Not a get-quick-rich investment. The Norwegian man we mentioned waited for 6 years to sell his $27 worth of bitcoins for over $850, 000. If you cannot wait for at least a year don’t do it. But then we have more questions to answer. 1. What is mining? 2. What is blockchain? 3. Which cryptocurrency is more profitable now among the 1,500 in existence?  4. If investment in cryptocurrency is a long time investment, how did I make over 120,000 in 24 months? Tighten your seat belt. The discussion continues later.