Written by Ayo Asojo, A Ruby Leader from Nigeria

How can I sell my Onecoin? This is one of the questions people frequently ask me these days! What is behind this particular question?

Many of those asking this question don’t understand the concept of true cryptocurrency while some mined Onecoin for a wrong reason. They wanted to participate in a get-rich-quick-scheme. They don’t fully understand the concept or the vision behind creating Onecoin in the first place by Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

One question I do sometimes ask people is: Do you sell money? Unlike other decentralized cryptocurrencies, Onecoin was created to replace fiat currency. It was not created as a speculative cryptocurrency without usability. Onecoin was created with a regulation in mind to combat   wrong usage, hence KYC was implemented in the Blockchain. And it was also created to discourage Money Laundering and so AML (Anti-Money-Laundering was implemented in the structure. You should be able to spend Onecoin as you spend money. As a matter of fact Onecoin is the first cryptocurrency to establish her own e-commerce platform called Dealshaker, whey you can buy or sell goods and services. I will rather spend my Onecoin on this platform rather than exchange them to fiat currencies. And don’t be surprised if some countries adopt Onecoin as their National Currencies in the future. That is not impossible at all.  Never say Never!! The future of Onecoin is so bright.

But if you look at the ecosystem of Onecoin you will see Remittances and Exchange there. What does that mean? That is an indication that Onecoin will eventually establish services similar to that of Western Union or Money Gram doing international money transfer, doing it through Onecoin cryptocurrency instead of fiat money. Also, there will be an Exchange platform where you can exchange Onecoin to fiat currencies for those who have genuine need for it. Base on this, it is pardonable if you ask me: How can I exchange my Onecoin to fiat currencies? That question is more acceptable to me. There will be a platform in the future for this particular operation. That may even be possible as early as first quarter of 2019. For obvious reason merchants will be given priority on the exchange because they are the engine to drive usability. Once you are able to satisfy all your needs with Onecoin, of what use will fiat currencies be to you?

My personal advice is that if you were privilege to mine Onecoin don’t be too eager to exchange them to fiat currencies even if you have the opportunity to do so soon. You will regret it if you do. Why should you quickly exchange all you have from a stable currency, which grows in value from year to year to a dying fiat currencies? It does not make any sense at all.